Inkjet printing on textiles not only merges creativity and functionality but also opens up an endless array of decorative possibilities. Textiles find their place in various areas, from fashion to decoration.

At Itaca, we have developed water-based pigmented inks to ensure high-quality solutions for every type of fabric, from natural to synthetic and recycled, maintaining our commitment to printing quality and sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint.

Pigmented inks are highly versatile for printing on a wide range of fabrics. On natural fibers such as cotton, viscose, linen, and silk, they offer vibrant and durable colors, ideal for clothing and home decor. On synthetic fibers like polyester and polyamide, these inks provide wash resistance and vivid colors, perfect for sportswear, flags, outdoor accessories, and promotional items. Additionally, their versatility extends to recycled textiles, offering durability and intense colors in blends of recycled polyester and cotton, as well as recycled polyester, cotton, and nylon, adapting to various textile applications. We offer specialized ink sets for roll-to-roll and direct-to-garment printing systems.

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