Any surface can be decorated through digital printing.

Industry leaders are already shaping their future innovations around our decorative solutions, which involve the digital transformation of construction materials into fully finished products suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Print your own building materials:

Inkjet Technology

What's the easiest way to decorate your material?

Products designed for optimal performance

We design our products to ensure total compatibility with various substrates, guaranteeing optimal application. We carefully formulate the printing chemicals to ensure the technical properties of the decorated materials meet the highest industry standards.


Experts in providing an optimal surface for each digital print, ensuring high-quality results.

Digital Inks

With cutting-edge technology, we produce vibrant digital inks in Europe for all printing systems..

Digital Inks

The greatest protection for all your surfaces, guaranteeing unparalleled durability and finish.


Delivering Costumer Growth

Our services

End-to-end digital consultancy

We provide consulting services for the entire inkjet process, including managing and supplying the required chemicals, as well as commissioning during start-up process.

Training & Technical Assistance

We provide our customers with our expertise through training sessions and offer technical assistance services worldwide when requested.

Colour Management

Our team of design experts specializes in color management software to ensure an optimal workflow. We guarantee the matching of desired colours and high-quality production.

Design & Product Development

We actively collaborate with our customers in designing and developing their end products. We have an extensive variety of designs in our database ready to use.

Prototyping Services

We support our customers in developing production samples in our lab.

Industrial Partnerships

We work closely with manufacturers of machinery and printheads, which allows us to identify the latest trends and technologies in the field of digital printing. Additionally, we are committed to collaborating with all those who share our passion for innovation.


We're here to advise you.

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