Transforming the Textile Industry: Innovation, Sustainability, and Leadership with Maheen

In our collaboration with Maheen, a company specializing in manufacturing textiles for the home sector using diverse technologies, we have achieved significant advancements that redefine the understanding of printing in the textile industry. Maheen has placed a significant bet in digital pigment technology.

The digital transformation of printing through inkjet technology has been a key milestone. Together, we have led this revolution, offering advanced solutions that seamlessly blend the efficiency of digital printing with unparalleled quality.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability is evident in our choice of pigment inks. These inks not only deliver vibrant and long-lasting results but also align with our environmental commitment. They represent an eco-friendly and responsible choice for the textile industry, marking a significant stride toward more sustainable practices.

We have proven strength in the home textiles sector, earning recognition within the textile industry. Through collaboration with Maheen, we have modernized production processes and elevated quality standards in this sector. Our digital solutions provide a competitive edge to our customers in an increasingly demanding market.

This collaboration extends beyond technological innovation; it is a testament to our ongoing commitment to leading-edge solutions. Together, we are guiding the textile industry towards a digital and sustainable future.


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