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Digital textile printing is a more sustainable, versatile, agile, and efficient process that produces incredible results; the entire industry has embarked on an unstoppable transition towards complete digitalization of printing. The use of pigment inks not only enhances these qualities but also drives this progress by simplifying stages of the conventional industrial process. This innovation further accelerates the transition towards complete digitalization in the sector.

Our pigment ink sets are designed for textile market segments such as home or fashion. They are suitable for every type of fabric, ranging from natural to synthetic and recycled materials.

We are advancing towards efficiency

Digital textile printing with pigment inks offers multiple benefits.

These inks are ideal for mixed fabrics, being compatible with natural and synthetic fibers, especially useful for polyester and cotton blends, increasingly popular in sportswear and casual clothing. Their excellent resistance to sunlight makes them suitable for both domestic and outdoor textiles, maintaining vibrant colors and softness in natural fabrics. The color quality and feel have significantly improved.

Thanks to the innovative formulation of pigment inks, uninterrupted production is ensured by eliminating issues with print heads in printing machines, achieving high-quality printing and productivity.

Sustainability of Pigmented Inks

We improve sustainability by eliminating the steaming and washing from the conventional production process, which significantly reduces water and energy consumption.

A study conducted by Technical Advice on one of our clients demonstrates that:

Itaca Pigment Ink for digital textile printing

Less water

Less emissions

Less energy

Our pigmented inks ensure vibrant colors, wash resistance, and exceptional print quality. They are perfect for natural, synthetic, and recycled textiles. They offer durability and versatility in printing.

Discover our water-based pigment inks.

We research to provide you with the most advanced solutions.

Digital Inks

With cutting-edge technology, we produce vibrant digital inks in Europe for all printing systems.

Digital Inks

Delivering Costumer Growth

Our services

End-to-end digital consultancy

We provide consulting services for the entire inkjet process, including managing and supplying the required chemicals, as well as commissioning during start-up process.

Training & Technical Assistance

We provide our customers with our expertise through training sessions and offer technical assistance services worldwide when requested.

Colour Management

Our team of design experts specializes in color management software to ensure an optimal workflow. We guarantee the matching of desired colours and high-quality production.

Design & Product Development

We actively collaborate with our customers in designing and developing their end products. We have an extensive variety of designs in our database ready to use.

Prototyping Services

We support our customers in developing production samples in our lab.

Certifications that endorse our textile inks

The quality of our pigmented inks reflects our commitment to sustainability and safety in the textile industry.

Strategic Partnerships:
Driving Innovation in the Textile Industry

Our close collaboration with key partners in the digital printing sector, such as printhead manufacturers and OEMs, places us in a privileged position to stay at the forefront of technology and address the technological challenges of the textile sector in a holistic manner. Additionally, we are committed to collaborating with all those who share our passion for innovation.


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