The foundation of perfect prints

At Itaca, we understand the importance of sharp and durable prints. Our specialized primers prepare every surface, from concrete to corrugated, to ensure optimal adhesion of our inks and coatings.

Trust our primers to deliver clear and vibrant results on every project. Learn more about how we transform your surfaces into impressive canvases.

Building quality, layer by layer

At Itaca, our primers represent the essence of excellence in printing. They are much more than chemical products: they are the solid foundation upon which perfect prints are built. From preparing concrete in construction projects to optimizing corrugated for innovative packaging, our primers create receptive and durable surfaces. Scientifically designed, they ensure that our inks and coatings adhere optimally, transforming each project into a visual masterpiece. Trust our primers to bring your ideas to life, from preparation to final print, guaranteeing results that exceed expectations.


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