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Innovation in Fiber Cement Decoration: Leadership from Pizarreño and Itaca

The collaboration between Pizarreño, experts in fiber cement, and Itaca, has been a journey marked by achievements in the realm of digitally decorated products, particularly Simplísima. Since 2015, our digital inks have played a crucial role in sustaining the Inkjet line, a long collaboration that defines our partnership.

Together, we have optimized the production process for Simplísima, achieving greater efficiency and capacity. This enhancement is reshaping our approach, establishing new benchmarks in the decoration of fiber cement cladding.

The creative synergy between Pizarreño and Itaca has given rise to over 30 unique designs, setting trends and establishing a new standard in the decorated fiber cement industry.

Simplisima not only maintains the functional aspects of fiber cement cladding for dry construction but also adds decorative value to the product.

This partnership with Pizarreño highlights the fundamental importance of working collaboratively to achieve excellence and meet market demands with quality, efficiency, and innovative designs.


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