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Reinventing Concrete: MBI and Itaca Transforming Slabs with Digital Inks

The partnership between MBI, a leading concrete slab manufacturer, and Itaca, experts in digital inks, has brought an innovative shift to the concrete industry.

MBI has taken concrete to new heights by decorating their slabs with digital inks from Itaca. The synergy of MBI's manufacturing expertise and Itaca's digital printing knowledge has established new benchmarks for quality and durability in decorated concrete products, delivering unparalleled performance in the market.

We collaborated closely with Schindler, a renowned original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the industry, to develop a design line and create an efficient, robust manufacturing process.

Digital decoration of concrete slabs presents a significant challenge due to the diversity in sizes and thicknesses. Adjustability becomes essential to ensure high-quality digital decoration. At Itaca, we have successfully developed a solution using inorganic pigment-based ink for digital printing to address these challenges.

Our Inkjet technology has granted us versatility in decoration, allowing the creation of realistic designs such as Belgian blue stone or wood textures. MBI possesses the capability to replicate natural patterns, offering unique decorative choices to their customers.


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