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ITACA at BAUMA 2022: Transforming Concrete Flooring Decoration

At BAUMA 2022, the leading hub of construction industry, ITACA took center stage, presenting our digital printing solutions tailored for concrete floors and slabs.

Specializing in advanced digital ink solutions for concrete decoration, ITACA not only displayed products but also demonstrated how our technology flexibly enhances the aesthetics of concrete flooring.

Collaborating with People&Technology, we conducted live printing demonstrations using a single-pass printer, showcasing the efficiency and precision of our digital inks in decorating concrete pavers and slabs. The application of inkjet technology, a proven and robust industrial solution, offers a multitude of creative design possibilities.

We presented a technology that is already an industrial reality and is set to revolutionize the concrete flooring and slabs industry. We appreciate all the visitors who were part of this enriching experience.


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